fucking awesome. broke as fuck, no job, barely going to school, need a haircut, new shoes, car fucking up. but hey, got a fucking concert this fucking friday where a bunch of fucking die hards will be there to recite my fucking verse and who would suck my dick for a hi five. fucking swag me out. got damn, im fucking depressed, i want to fucking just fucking kill myself. fuck. i personally thnk im going to die on friday. gonna be way to fucking hyper and trying to perform, my fucking asthma is going to flare up to the max, adrenaline pumping, then lungs are going to close more and more, im gonna try to take a puff of my inhaler, thinking its gonna work i keep performing, then BAM,. im on the floor. dead. fucking DEAD. truthfully, i dont if ill be happier that way. i mean, i wont, but, fuck it. if you want, you should come to the show. info is at oddfuture.com. fuck t im gonna rant some more. my bitch ass mom is bugging on me. she failled as a fucking parent. all my life she wanted me too be something that im not. she would prolly be suprised her son has made a name for himself among teenagers and fucking college students all around the nation, videos with over 30 thousand plays and a fucking album that has done really fucking well with no site or anyone big to tell people to cop. i dont want to sound like a bitch but, i was kinda hurt the other day. im on the fucking phone with her blabbing about college and shit, im just slowing pressing the keys oon the piano, she bluts out " o i see someone trying to play the piano", i replyed, i dont need to try i tought myself.....she claims i dont know how to play, im like, remember, i tought myself how to play because you wouldnt give me lessons when i asked for them.." you never asked for them".....come on dude, really? i begged for them but you put me in YMCA basketball instead, against my will"....you never asked me for tehm"....what are you talking about, 7th grade you bought me my keyboard for my birthday and i begged for them".....o, well too bad, you sound really bitter buddy"........damn, i mean it mite not seem like anything to yall but what the fuck, how do you not know that your fucking child can play a fucking instrument, like, thats fucked up to me. fuck it, i got a show and a bucnh of fucking kids who love me to cater too, out.