Woke Up. davon calls me like" we still going" jay calls saying we have a ride. im like cool. tajj calls me like "you ready?" yeah but my mom leave her fucking phone in her room, and left without telling me. so im babysitting and shit. and hour pass, its like 2, call tajj and say, ill just go next time. 4 minutes later, i call jay and say" my mother bacvk lets go. to make a long story short, tajj doesnt come until and hour later. on the wat to the fax, we rolling, some nation of islam dude comes up and im super scared of them dudes. we get to fax, tajj dont have board so he running and sshit.........some kid named travis tells us tk and jrod is at_______ store, we go and there is jereme rogers....we talk and take pics, cool as nigga.......we see tk, he has on my GRAILS!!!!!.....polka dot roadstas!!!1....he shakes our hand and screams out "KEEP SKATIN NIGGASS" we skate the fax, jay is really skatin hard, me tajj play skate, i low key won the first game, but gave up, he won the second one...........arci had to home by 7 but to bad........me and arci was gonna stop by kendo to see ian, and we see vyron and mookie......all of a sudden marcus and these to gay niggas come up.......we have jokes, and marcus has to cameras, so we just having a photoshoot and shit, skating on walls and weird shit............we decide to go to the pizza place, and eat, we go, and i meet this dude that changed my life. "HEYY!!!!....fjhgbdjbfjnsinf fgjn ebnf with a backpack?" E Nuggets Or Some Shit....Goes hard. Any Way, i get the idea to throw my pizza crusrt on the ground, as people walk by i scream" watch out for my crust my crust, and i run uo to them screamin, they jump and move, i pick the shit up and eat it, this goes on for 15 minutes. we go to the grove........fuck.....my hands hurt, ima finish the rest later.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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