I Be Kicking Babies

Happy Holidays

Add to My Profile | More Videos I Was At School, And This Nigga Was making Some Shit, i Thought it Was For The Dum Raps. Fuck it. look At The Nigga In The black....he Loves it. Here Go The Lyrics::: Throw That Shit Down Nigga. A. Bitch Ima Muthafuckan G Bitch u aint fucking with me i be stabbing babbies fucking bitches with no condom on happy holiday hoe happy holiday happy holiday bitch i be kicking babbies fucking bitches (why are you doing this slut?) hoes in the club hoe dont eat my grits bitch dont touch my trix blahblahblah blahblah blah. idk idk WTF. Ima G aarruff Barking At The Hoes barking at the hoes niggas better reconize i be stabing niggas ahhh! stabing niggas with pencils niggas fucking bitches with no comdom on!!! (SOLO) bitch better have my chicken i want to be popeys NIGGAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Odd Future Nigga.

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