when most people see me im full of energy and happy as fuck, but thats a super cover up. im so fucking pist man, im really ready to blow someones fucking brain out, or chop someones fucking body on some jeffery dohmer type shit, i dont even know what makes me happy anymore, music and cloths and dumb shit did, but i dont smile anymore, i smile, but its not a real one. im in the pipe dreamstate that might never come true, im on my own now, this big boy shit might not work out in my favor, thats why i need to get shit done before one more year. niggas is on some other shit, complaining about what they did and didnt get for christmas, mad cause no one is selling a fucking shoe, i wish i did have a fucking father to by me $300 shoes, and a mom who bought me expensive clothing, yeah she buys herself expensive shit, a new car every year, but what the fuck do i get, i go to the back and get your friends nikes and make your fucking mom coffe fpr a living. niggas is like 19 still asking there moms for money, nigga grow the fuck up, im 16 with two jobs, school, no car, and my shoes are the same price as yours, so what does tell you? im on my shit and your not? i guess so then................not to long ago, i asked a couple friends, what if they saw me on tv, for doing the shit i play around, like, " today a 16 year old male killed his co workers and choped the bodies, police are still looking for other parts of them", i wanna know how they would react, cus i am on the fucking verge of snapping.

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