Gold Watch

Photobucket Me and arci hit it up today, we chilled with nick and the d fam....mookie and vtron came along and we just had a day full of missions and dumb shit......seen some niggas we knew but didnt know us...had pizza and seen niggas who tried to hard to be cool man......me and my nigga gomez kept niggas dyin, and the crazy shit is we ran into murs!.....crazy....and i also found out how to do black and white on my camera. Photobucket Gomez Dumb Ass PhotobucketPhotobucket Us And Nick PhotobucketMookie Photobucket Newbie, The Coolest jewish nigga Photobucket Odd./.... Photobucket Vyron Photobucket Hype PhotobucketMy Whip! PhotobucketMurs.... PhotobucketBig Foot. PhotobucketBlack and white Home and its a chance reserve could sell OF!!!! Fresh. "you want some of this shit?" nah i dont want that shit "i dont give a fuck, i dont play that shit, and im finna bus a cap in a nigga" man Shut the fuck up!

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Anonymous said...

rollin in a car?
man i aint got no life =/