Parent Conference

So my Mom Comes To Go Over My grades. I'm Feeling Good, got 2 b+, and 2 A's and a c. so, my asb teacher comes down and fucking ask her " have you heard tylers music?", my mother pauses............"no, i haven't"..........so my fucking teacher tells her about the studio up stairs and thinks i should show her my myspace. i show her, and im ready to x it out, then my teacher is like " do you know he like to take photos?"....no i had no idea....so i gotta show her my pictures and shit, and then my teacher tells her about my videos!!!!!......i told them i deleted them........ so we go up stairs and she meets the director, and says she wants to hear some music. i recorded supreme, speakerboxx and odd toddlers, along time ago, and i wanted it deleted because i though it was the wackest shit i ever heard. he like" mom, lets go and take a listen"...im like NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought you deleted it...nah i kept it!!!....What The Fuck!!!!!!!....... So Im like Ill Play Her Some beats. I Go to my Music page and play her every beat on there.....she hates all of them...........all she said was" play the next one!" i tried to talk about some other shit over the beat, but she kept telling me to stfu and listen. so we leave out the room, and the director is like, " you heard the ones with lyrics?"...."o jst the beats" i tried my hardest so she couldnt hear them...i hate them, im saying shit like aids and fat bitch and she just laughing.... anyway....im still pist....i sent a text message to almost everyone i know. i dont even know if i want to do this music shit anymore man........ i think i wanna do the doom thing, like when i rap, have a mask or change my voice or somthing, cause people know i dont get embarrassed, i cant act a fool n public, but when it comes to my sounds and literature, im always like "no dont play!!!", man........this stereo-type shit isnt gonna drop....im over it.


Aaron Williams said...

damn the come up is real *pray hand emoji*

Nate Foster said...

hey man fuck the haters drop that shit!