rogue status no lie, im sick of this shit. every page i go too, the hundreds is wack, they suck, knowing damn well, 2 months ago when you stumbled across the hundreds to be cool cause you were sick of your ecko shit, you was in love with the fucking Adam bomb. now every nigga wanna dick ride talking bout they wack DTA this blah blah. truthfully, who gives a fuck. i wanted to know about the beef, but i wasn't choosing, but niggas is on some, i wanna be cool, lets follow the herd of cows. im not gonna lie, i really didn't like the hundreds cloths, but no lie, i fucking love the skate team. they raw as fuck and TKE THT is gonna be Ill. anyway, im not gonna lie like all i rock is rogue, i mean, the gun show is ill as fuck, but im no die hard fan. you niggas is acting like bobby or oak put a gun to your head and said, choose SIDES.....all im saying is , be yourself, get off niggas nut sack, i have respect for both lines, and what they stand for, DO you....Fuck The Public(sorry moks, shit is ill) im Out.