The Plan is A New Fucking Camera, These batts Arent Working Out......I Also need A Keyboard, Cus im laking Piano............My Flikr Account is Almost Done.....This is Just A Preview of Some of The Photos ShoesFallin' UpSky Is The LimitPhotobucketGold


Tundae said...

photobucket, i have my pics organized in folders. pics of me, pics of others, nature(ho homo i guess), like that

my point is i reached 1,000 in the pics of others folder the other day.

so now i'm just deleting everything i'm never gonna need to post again cuz it's saved on my computer anyway.

i also don't post pics that aren't worth posting like, those "shitty whatever" type pics.

jwmijo23 said...

DOpe pics...You used diff white balances or what to get this "look"