DOnt get Me Wrong, Im Not A hater. I was Thinking To Myself That In 06/07, Some Songs Were overrated And Some We Underrated. Mims-Overrated. P-Underrated. The fact That This Guy Put So Much into A Fucking Classic, With Major 7th Strings Blaring, Syths And An Off/Up Tempo Drum Set To Get Plays Once A Week, Because These Faggots Are Banging A Beat that Was Done off of fruity Loops? Dont get me Wrong, ive used FL before, But The Shit had Nothing but A Kick, Clap, hi-Hat, And They Had A Square bass And Turned The pitch Up........Im Not One Of Those"Hip Hop Is Dead", Who Complain about The State Now And Shit, I Fucks With Solja Boy, No hate, But Let The Niggas That Deserve Shit Get There Fucking props Also. And This Shit. This Fucking Leperchan Is Talking About A Fucking lollipop!!!! What The Fuck!!! is This World Coming Too. Every Fucking Day Some One is Banging A Song about a Grown Ass Nigga Rapping About lollipops And His Daddy no Homo. The next nigga i See Playing This Song About A Fucking lollipop Is Getting Shot. Out.

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