Week. End.

Friday. Kickback. Everyone There. Bored. Weed. Can. Juan. Lightskin. Davon. Erin. Pool. Fuck It, Mcdonalds Drive Threw. Sleep Over Juans. Sat. Even Tho The Dof Wasnt In The House, The Hair Was Still in The House, So My Allergies Started Fucking Up. Eat breakfast. Skate. Reserve. Bape. Kaylee. Catlin. Jerkk. Skate. Erin. Lightskin. Davon. SUPER DING DONG DITCH!!!! around Ladera, In The Car At 10pm. Wendys. No Phone. Home. Sunday. Call Moms, Sick. Work. Bus it. Get Off. Davons. Twins. GTA4. Eat. Odd Future Chat Room. Jokes. Show Saturday. Out. Out Of All The Shit I Did, I Only Have ONE Fucking Photo. Photobucket

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Anonymous said...

u got a new camera?