Drake I Just Thought. Its So many Fucking Up n Coming Rappers Who Sound like This Dude Now..... I never noticed it


K.icks M.aterials H.er said...

Yeah, he sounds alot like Trey Songz

lowkey said...

Isnt that ole boy that acts in degrassi?

The Enai Q said...

not really..more like up and coming rappers are used to the Weezy style..

which is use metaphors and similies to clarify how fresh or fly they are

Jwmijo The Dealer said...

i thot he was a singer?

CALL ME "L" said...

nahhh nahhh nahhh.
drake is nice.
singing, rapping, and acting
idk how much hype hes gonna get esp, with such a diverse album cover.
but ive bought both mixtapes,
&& i can go thru both of em
without skipping.

btw, tyler the creator
ur blogs are great.
always keep me lol