Look Bitch. Dont Come Fucking Crying To me. "My Sidekick Got Jacked"! DUH BITCH! 1. You Want To Floss You Shit Around, Every Fucking Where You Go. Pulling it Out, Fliping That Screen, Knowing Damn Well You Aint Doing Shit. Just Scrolling Threw You"AIM" List. Just Want Musthafuckas To Know Your Fucking parents Bought You A Fucking Phone Huh? On Top Of That, Bitch Your Shit is Pre-Paid! You Aint Fucking With A Bill Bitch. 2.Clip. Bitch No One Gives A Fuck About That Fact You Have One, Put it in Your Fucking Pocket. You Put it On The Clip, On Your Waist And Walk Around Like You King No One Will Take This Shit. When That basketball Playing As Nigga Run By A Pull That Shit off Your Fucking Apple Bottom Jeans Belt loop, Your Gonna Feel Stupid.. 3.If You Ever Gotta A Phone Stolen, Sidekick LX x Slide, No Offense But haha, You Prolly Desearved it Nigga. SMH, Be Smart, Its Bad Enough Your Wearing Boots With The Fur, Bitch, Dont Make Your Slef look Dumber.

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