( i have this shit in white, and trust me, i pissed alot of white people off) "Yesterday, the Jewish Defense League held a demonstration outside a clothing store in Los Angeles. My behavior there was inappropriate and not representative of the Jewish Defense League as a whole. While I believe with all my heart that being there was the right thing to do, as there is no good reason for selling terrorist-inspired t-shirts and manufacturing a clothing line that pays homage to Hitler's Nazi militia, I must apologize for the hurtful things I may have said to others at the event. Additionally, I apologize to the members of my organization and our supporters -- and to my children -- for letting my anger get the best of me. . . ." So This bitch Says Sorry. I Dont Get It. When People Get Offended. Its like WTF, its Really Not ment To Make You mad, but Fuck it. Those Fuck Em All Tees Are Cause Alot of Shit. The Ads Them Slef Got my Teacher pissed off At School, And i love it. She Says FJ pays Homage To The Nazi Resign, And if it Does, i Think Thats Why i Am A Fan, Not A Racist but Hitler is That nigga. Photobucket That Good Ol Days Tee is my Favorite. All The Hitler/Mussolini Shit I have on Here, it Should Say Nazism Is Alive At OddFuture. My Favorite brand is being Attacked. Fuck Em.
JDL VS. FRESHJIVE. from Bobby Hundreds on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I wear FRESHJIVE, and Im never in the right place...

I wouldve danced with this lady,lol
Kanye: We can MAKE whatever we want,lol

O.G. Shane said...

"she took a charge"