Tell Em.

Im Really Good Friends With Ice Son. But i have To Say, Sorry man, but Solja Boy Wins. Not Gonna Go Into Detail, but Why Do You niggas Have A Problem With Him? Every Nigga i Know, Hates Him. Saying "He Killed Hip Hop", Not Everyone Want To listen To That No Rhyming 36 Chambers Bullshit From The Chef, RZA, GZA And The other Niggas. Some niggas Wanna Dance, And pesonally, As A nigga With An Ipod With The Shit i Play, I Fucks With him. He Might not Be A Most Talented But Shit, let The nigga Do Him. if You Dont Like It, Dont Fucking Play It Faggot!( this does not count for lil wayne)" I Got Bapes" Was Fucking Genius. I Fucks With Solja, And If You have A Problem With Him, FUCK YOU Too, And I Stand By That.


Backpack JW Mijo said...

well,True that

Anonymous said...

He sorta looks like he's going to cry... But haha! Ice-T= Pwned