Wow. My Friend Sent Me This. People Know I Fucking hate Clicks, Crews Gangs ETC. i Know Thy Hate Me Too. But I Mean Come On, An Application? These Dumb Ass Niggas Really Fill Out Applications To Become Apart Of A Group Of People They Never Met Before they Fill Out A Job App Or An App To Take The S.A.T.......Fuck It, Im Gonna Do One For Fun, To See How The Other Fucking Homos In The World Feel After Filling THis Shit Out. Intro Yourself:Hi, Im Tyler The Fucking Creator. Name:WTF? Read The First Question Nickname:Ace Age:17 School:I Dont Fucking Know, Westchester? Area that you will be promoting in: I Dont Do That Are you currently a member of any other entertainment group?: No, I Have Better Things To Do A few questions so we can evaluate your style: Shirt Size:L-XL, I Like The Baggy Fit Top 5 favorite clothing brands:BBC/Ice Cream, RL, FJ, SWT, PG. Which of the following premium streetwear brands do you prefer? HUF or Supreme? (Explain): I Think They Are Both Gay, And They Are Not Street Wear That Is Skateboarding History......Still Gay Ass Companys THo....RIP H.Hunter Favorite sneaker that you OWN:These Gold Bapes. Where do you shop? You Wouldnt Know If I Told You What, in your opinion, is the definition of being truly FITTED?: Fitted? Are You Fucking Stupid? Its Called Doing You........ Explain your style as best as you can: I Dont Have Style, I Have Tyler. Fucking Faggos. No Hate, I Accually Know Some People That Is Affiliated With This....=(...I Know, How Low Of Me........Its Whatever Tho.....The Nigga Who Made This Is Making $$$....He Cool As Fuck....He Has Nothing To Do With THis THo


Erbz said...

tell me what group made this shit...now. they need to be shot.

Anwar. said...