Its Like WTF? This Bitch gave Me A D Because i Was Absent From A Test, Which was At A B- Before. Im No Racist, But Why The Fuck Do I Have To Learn Spanish. Why? " Because Its Alot of Spanish Speakers In America" Well These motherfucks Are The Reason i Cant Pass This Fucking Class! Fucking Up my GPA because I Have To Learn Thier Fucking Language? Because its mandatory. America is English, Maybe While Hopping The Fucking Fence And Swimming For A better Life In The U.S.A, They Should Take The Time Out To Learn The Fucking English Language, Because This Is My Fucking 3rd Time Taking This Shit. And i Dont Get, i Mean, I SPEAK ENGLISH! And if i make it big, Im not Going To South America So Why The Fuck Do i Need This To Graduate? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I Wont Hit Spanish 2 Until My Thirtieth Year Of High school. U Davis Will See Me After. Not


Cakes & Brains said...

I couldn't agree any more. Its like.. racist if you don't learn it, but its hypocrisy at the same time. I say, fuck it. I was about to take my 3rd year of spanish last year and got outta that shit the first week. It's a bunch of bull shit if you ask me.

Troy said...

I am taking spanish for the 3rd time also. I dont think it should be mandatory to learn spanish. I didnt ask a bunch of non speaking hispanic people to come to America. If they make the decide to come here they should learn English.