So A Couple Moths Ago, Hodgy, Left brain And i had A Performance. Went. Performed Bubble Gum. Cool. Odd Toddlers Came Up. Being me i Wild The Fuck Out not Giving A Fuck. To make A Long Story Short, The Dude Who Put Together The Whole Venue Mom Was Right in The Front Row, And All The Shit i Was Doing Was Right In her face. Blah Blah, We Got Disqualified From The Comp. Fuck it, i Aint Tripping, Hodgy Was Pist Tho. So One Asked Me, If i Could Do it Again ToDay Would i Change Anything in The Show.....NO...I Dont Give A Fuck. At The End of odd Toddlers, You Can Here him Sayng Sorry And All This other Shit...its like A minute long. Bubble Gum. More Shows Soon. I like perfoming With These niggas, Cus they Let Me Be Me....Wild Ass Fuck. When You have A Show, Whatever Energy You Give Out, The Audu Will Give it back. So Standing There Saying lyrics With no " Spunk" Does not Roll With me.


Sould Banana Crew said...

FUCK THAt. It's a performance niggas gotta be live. Do you that shit was cool.

Junell said...

I have that odd toddlers song on my fucking blackberry!!!!!

CMB said...

I was there, I thought the shit was entertaining fa real