Happy Birthday.

I Almost Killed 5 People. Street Racing. My 2003 Ford Focus Beat The 2008 Ford Mustang. My Nigga Turned 18 Today. Finally A Fucking man..>Can't hang With Us No More man.......I Love You No Homo...Chilled With The Family At Roscoes Yesterday....my Nigga Vyron Also Know As LEft Brain is In Town For A Week From San Fransisco. I Need A Fucking Female ASAP. Thoguht I had One but.......The Vibe Wasnt There......Fuck You. I Recently Carved The Word Fuck Onto My Arm.....I Wish i had A Camera To Take Better Photos So You Can See it. Fuck It....... Photobucket Photobucket


Anonymous said...

And to you emo kids,who walk around pissed off
Step 1: pull ya panties down and start too piss off
Step 2: run to your radio and turn the shit off...

Cmon Tyler, dont let the hoes get you down man! You still got your stuffed animals to keep you warm at night man 8D

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Bored yes?