Los An.

Click This Shit......I Swear To God I Was Thinking The Same Thing. I Know You Niggas Be Proud Of Where You From, But Every Fucking Rapper From L.A Has To Fucking Say Somthing About The West In His Fucking Song....its Like " We Get The Fucking Point". I Never Said Anything About LA Or Cali in My Fucking Songs.....Well, In Fucking Lames, I Did Say " Ladera" In A Verse, But You Fucks Prolly Never Heard of it And It Would Prooly Go over Your Fucking Head. Faggots. And Speaking of Music, Where The Fuck is All the Good New Shit. In The Past year The Only New People Out, Signed Or Not, Ive been Feeling is That Santogold Slut Puppy Bitch. Everyone Else Suck. And last Night, i had A Fucking Dream That Roy Ayers Fucking Died! i Woke Up And Got On The Computer To Make Sure it Wasnt Truw. Fuck. And The Mag Has A Fucking Blog. Site And Mixtape Up Sooooon

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Anonymous said...

Im waiting and oh...

"im through ladera...
in a beemer
lookin cleaner

... im that nigga.
i kno, i kno... no need to tell me,lol