the mixtape

oooooookkk. ive been mia. fuck a myspace , photobucket and a blog right now. im tryna get this site done, shit printed, mag printed and this fucking mixtape done.....by thursday night.......fuck, im having a mental breakdown....because its alot to fucking do with no help from not one person, all this shit is coming out of my pocket...i have no parents to ask for money, this is all me, on top of that i got fucking suspended for 3 days, but fuck it, thats giving me time to get shit done quick. this shit should be done by friday. ive been keeping you ucks waiting for tooooo long. =(


Cakes & Brains said...

take your time,
don't rush shit!

marz said...

go tyler,
go tyler,
go, go,
go tyler!