Same Bullshit. Fuck New Year. We Have A Nigger For Pres And All THis Other SHit. The Year Was Cool THo. Tape Was Successful In My Eyes. Surrounded Myself With People Who Think Like Me. Fuck You State Of Mind. I Started The New Year With Close Friends, Minus 2( Arci Shawn What Up) The WHole OF Was There. My Nigga :eft Brain And Danny Is Out Here For The Holidays And Shit. My Nigga Toussant Threw A G Ass Party. Its Like A Family. We All Want The Same THing, But Different Ways. From The Pills And THe Fuck You's, This Is My Last Year At Everything....After This, Im Just Gonna Focus On School And Shit. No More Music, Art, Photos And Pissing People Off. Maybe No More Skating. Fuck IT. Im Not About To Sit Here And Talk About Some Oprah Shit. Fuck Your New Year. Fucking Lames Hoodie.I Stole Most Of These Photos. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


the MRS. said...

fun fun in the sun;

blogzilla. said...

you got too much talent dog.
you could prolly take a break for a year then come back still doing things other niggas wish they could even begin to fail at.