Salem Remix

Image and video hosting by TinyPic So. Im Going Threw My Fucking iTunes, And I Hear THis Song.......It Sounded Like A White UGK Emo Type Beat...And I Fucking Said Fuck It. Ima Write half A Verse To It And Freestyle THe Other Half Just Cus I Like This Shit So Much. Tell Me What You Think Please. Even Tho I Dont Give A Fuck I Made This Shit Outta Boredom......Hopefully Yall Like This Shit And Maybe Repost This Shit.


Anonymous said...

odd future


"im your american idol, sorry no clay ayken me"?
The track is straight, some of the sound aint clear tho.

blogzilla. said...

are you kidding me? this shit is dope. you did it outta boredom? crazy. all the sound isnt clear, but the verses is dope. keep it up