I Made This Song Called Sarah. Very Simple But Clever Beat, With A Repetitive Drum Pattern. ( could you please listen to the whole thing) The Song Is About Be Killing Some Girl And Eating Her Body. Before I Kill Her, I Have Her Tied Up And Shit, Telling Her How I Felt. I Commit Suicide At The End. Alot Of People Are Wondering If This Song Is About My True Feeling Or Thought Or About A Real Girl Or What. If Your Very Close To Me, You Know. If Not.....Dig Deep Threw Your Imagination To Find Out. I Personally THink This Is One Of The Dopest Songs Ive Done, Not Because Of The Beat, Lyrics, Truth Or The Concept...But Mainly Because............Download It Here. Tyler The Creator, Sarah.


Miilie Mesh said...

Downloaded when i 1st heard

Miilie Mesh said...

I have to say I absolutely love the hell out this song! The beat is like a song off a dating show or something ,I D0nt' know ! But um yeah....I like the beat:)