Photobucket On Monday, I WIll Be Releasing One New Trak Featuring The Homie Domo. I Have Alot of Shit Recorded For This Dinosaur EP. Its Coming Fucking Sooner Than You Think. I Feel Like Ive Improved. Alot. As An Artist In General, From My Drawing To My Music, To The Instrumentals, Which I Make Myself You Other Faggot Rappers Have To Buy Them HAHAHAHAHAHA. But Also As A Person. I'm Hating Humans More And More, But Loving Life More And More. And On Another Note, Im Sick Of All These Rappers From Fucking LA Always Talking Bout The Same Shit. Fairfax And Crenshaw, And Jordans And Inglewood And Slauson And Gangbanging And Melrose And Westcoast And The Normal LA Bullshit....Fuck We Get The Fucking Point. Not Once Have I Ever Said Anything About Cali/La In My Songs, And You Will Not See/Hear Say Anything About. Rappers Are So Fucking Cliche. Now DIe.


AkidNamedLaVish said...

Yeah man thats true, but that'll all change when ppl start being themselves...but I've said a Fairfax at least one lol, so I'm speaking on myself too.

Mack said...

Haaa damn Im hating people too
I need a getaway type something WTF!

But keep it up..