Fucking Killa Is Back. Ive Been A Cam Fan Since 2000 When He Released S.D.E. For The Past Two Years, The Radio Has Been Filled With This Gay Ass Emo Rap/Techno Bull Shit, And Im Not Talking About My ***** Soulja Boi, I Fucks With Him, And Im Not One Of These Crybaby Ass *****s who Cry About Bringing Real Hip Hop Back Save The Community, ATCQ And Blu And Common Sold Out Type Of *****s. IM Just Happy That Coke Rap Still Has A Chance. Camron, Gucci And The Clipse Are Our Last Hope For This Gangsta Rap Shit. Cus All You Hear Is These Grown Ass Fucking Men Talking About They Nikes Like My Age Or They Louie V And Faggot Gucci Like They Some Fucking Old English Bitch. What Ever Happened To Violence, Killing People, Selling Drugs And Fucking Up THe Community? This Song Is Fucking Great. Prolly The Best Rap Song THis Year So Far.

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deedrahpee said...

"if you know like i know you should lie low [KILLA]I used to get it in ohiiio !"

haha i love this song. lol.