Alot Of People Keep Asking Me When Is This Coming Out. Who Knows. I Know That i Have Enough Songs To Put About 2 Good, Long Albums Together. Excluding The Rough Drafts And Shit. I Really Want To Release This At The Right Time Tho. Ive grown As An MC, Producer And A Fucking Dinosaur. The Goal Now Is To Get Signed. I Feel Like L.A Needs This. Cus Every Fucking L.A Rapper Is The Same. Eaither Song Flaming FUcking Faggot Wearing Some Fucking Yellow Pants Rapping About Jerking With His Niggas On Some Im A Fucking Flaming Fucking Faggot Type Shit, And Then You Have The Other Ones, Who Talk About Kickbacks And The Shaw And And Their J's And Los Angeles All Fucking Day Like We Want To Hear This Shit All Fucking Day, Then You Have You Average Hypebeast Ass Fucking Rapper. Gucci, Hundreds, Wearing Diamond And Preme Like THey Fucking Skate, You Dont Fucking Releate Faggot Take hte Fucking Box Logo Off.....Fuck....But Anyway, Expect Alot of Shit. That Casey Guy Is Releasing His Shit Soon, Hodgy And Left Brain Releasing Some Shit For tHE suMMER, Brandon And Fucking Super 3 Relasing Some Shit. Domo Bout To Get The TAPE dONE. Then There Leaves Me. Im Working On Some Short Films And Music Videos. A Clothing Line, Which No One Will Get, Clearly Because I Most Likly Hate Your Fucking Guts, And If I Dont Know You, You Wont Get. Just To Make This Clear, So Be Asking Me When Can You Get A Fuck Lame Hoodie Or Some Shit....But Yeah, That Leaves Me. This Dino Shit Will Be Amazing. Imagine Hitler And Dr. Suess In High School. The Beats Are So Beautiful And Just OMG...The nThe Lyrics Are So Dark And Angry, Some Funny, Some Like, WTF Is Wrong With Him. But Yeah, i Mean, Just Look Out. Lets Hope I Can Find Some Way To Intern At ______ _____. Can't Tell You. And ALso, Man, I'm So Sick Of People Wanting To Work With Me. Im Not A Collab Type of Dude...Even In School, I Like To Work Alone So I Dont Owe Favors And I Can Take All The Credit...Could You Rappers And Producers Stop Asking Me For A Collab And SHit...Fuck. Peace.


blogzilla. said...

thats what im talking about.

crash_b said...

Damn can't for for the Dinosaur album, tape, EP, LP, mixtape, CD whatever you wanna call it! I also hate working with people at school. Fuckers never do their part of the work and conlficts arise on agreeing on what to do -_-