The Dena Tape

So This Nigga 'G Send Me The Tape. The First Thing I THink Is " Why The Fuck Did He Murder That Fucking Intro?".....Second Thing Is " This Tape Is Fucking Crazy...No, Its Not A Feature On Everysong Or A Collab With Every LA Artist Or The Usual From A Mixtape....Its Just Really Shit...And Mixture Or Fucking Hip Hop, Gutta Rap, Even Some jazz Tracks On There....But Over All, Even If At Some Points In The Tape THe Beats Lag...........THIS NIGGA FUCKING MURDERS SHIT LYRICLLLLLLYYYYYYY....Thats The Reason This Won't Be On Some Faggot Ass 2Dopeboy Blog Shit...Because This Nigga Can Rap. He Not Just Rhyming Words About Some Faggots As Gucci Shit, This Nigga Can Really Spit....And Thats Why I Fucks With It. The 3rd Thing I Was Thinking..." i Gotta Make A Cover For This Shit"....So Here it Is. Production By Me, Super Three And Of Course Left Brain. Some Dilla Sit On There Too.......Overall This Is A Good Tape. First One, Never Last. Dropping Monday...7/6/09. OF hb

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