The Dena Tape

hb Hodgy. 18. Full Of Energy. And Raps. What Else Could You Want. Hodgy Beats Finally Releases His Own Mixtape. Featuring Production From Myself, Left Brain And Others. He Goes In On Everytrack. The 'Intro', Which Is Suplied With The Same Instrumental From The OF Taspe Intro, Slaps You In The Face With The Str-8 Foward Punchlines. 'April Fools' And 'Contrasing Swag' Is For The Ladies, Where 'HB Cannon' And I'gnorant Shit' is For The Phenes Who Look For Heavy punchlines. The Tape Also Has A Very Dark Side To It. 'Customized Greatly' And 'Memorex Cd's', Which Is Composed By Mr. Deshay, Sounds Like A Horror Film. He Goes In On Life, The Hardships And The Bullshit He Went Threw While Doing This Tape. On A Lighter Note, 'Biscuits', Which Is Produced By Me And One Of My Favorite Tracks, Comes In With An Off Kelter Beats, Which Hodgy Providing Lyrics, Some Might Consider It An ODE to His Hometown Of Pasadena, California. Hands Down, The Best Track On The Tape Is 'Speed Racer'. The Self Produced Songs Just Fucking Knocks. The Nigga Goes Fucking In. I Cant Even Give You Deatail. Fuck It, Just DL It. Dena Tape Tracklist Overall, The Tape Covers Different Genres And Has You Bobbing Your Head All The Way Threw. I, Tyler, Did The Cover And Back Art For It. Download That Shit Here.Odd Future