Beret Everywhere i Fucking Go, i See Some fucking "hipster Cool Chic" ........Female Wearing One of These Things....Its like Fuck, Did Every Fucking Girl have A Fucking meeting And Decide To Wear The Fucking Fucks? its like, I mean, On Some Girls its Cute, but Fuck, you Bitches Are Trend Followers, Look Like You Listen To Erykah badu in Your Spare Time, Knowing Damn Fucking Well you Dont, What happened To The Time When People Were True To Themselves? Where people Didnt Do Shit To be Cool or For someone Else Opinion? I Guess Earth is Not There yet. Thats Why i Scream " Fuck Em All", Proudly.


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L$D said...

i think it's kinda like the women's equivalent to men and their new era fitteds. but i may be reaching.