Punk Daft.

So, i Did my Research. And The Number Of Cool Music is Crazy Now. Everyone is A Fucking Die hard Justice And Daft Punk Fan. The Fuckers Know Damn Well They Dont Like That Shit, IDK What The Fuck It Is. Is it Because kanye West Smapled The Daft Punk Song? is That The Reason You All of A Sudden Listen Them? or is it because You Just Wanna Be "DIFFERENT"? IDK, i Really Dont Like The Music That Much, but i Mean, Its Bad Enuf You Niggas Jumpped On Lil Wayne Pubic Hair, But Do You have to be On Justice Mound?daft punk

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s0ulD baNana CREW said...

Ahaha eff that.
My homegirl put me on Justice a year back. Been on that ever since. Fuck little wayne. I screw my face to "Stress" and "Genesis".