Niggas Want To Say Sorry And Shit And Asked me Too Take Them off The Blog...Everyone Knows i Dont Give A Fuck. They Can make The Shirts, i Can Give A Fuck Less. im Gonna Let These Niggas Do Thier Thing, No Hate At All.Just Know Where Niggas Got There Influence From. Its over, Said And Done. But One last Thing. yall Know my Fuck Em All, Pump bass And Gold Bitches brewing Ads And Shit......Niggas man....Niggas. Photobucket


Jo FUCKIN Nada said...
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LaVish said...

MAN WTF! Them dudes, hit me up for a collab and this whole time im thinking they know you dawg or they were your proteges cause the shit looks like your "Fuck Em All" and "Bloxhead" shit Wthell is wrong with biting ass people today quote unquote from me "Creativty is limited". damn man. . .but keep up the good work, just know the creative mindstate people are at nowadays. smfh

Anonymous said...

That's horrible. Beware of imitation. When you're an innovator..people who aren't capable of doing things on their own wanna bite nigga's shit. Shit's bound to happen..keep ya head up homie

oh, the blog is dope.