Grove To be Exact. my Fucking Mom Decides To Move here And Shit in December, i Was Posted With Grandma in ladera heights. This bItch Wants me Too Stay With Her For my Fucking Last Fucking year of high School. my Fucking Senior year! What The Fuck. plans Was To go To hamalton And join The band And Shit.......But No im Out here With These Fucks. These fat Ass _____ Doo Doo MaMa, Bitches With Different Collored hair, GUnit Tees, SouthPole This And, Then No Ipods Or Phones At The Fucking School And Shit. Classes Are Weak, on Top of That, They Put Me In Drama With all The Fucking Faggots! on Top of That its Like Fucking 103 Degrees Every Fucking Day. i Wanna Where my bape Hoodies And Shit, bUT no!!!! Then All the Other Skaters Are Racist As Fuck, Like They never Seen A ***** In A Blue Shirt With hitler on it, Some jeans That Fit And Some Fucked Up Red Shoes That Enjoys The Hives And Roy Ayers. And All They fucking Say out here is Hella! Hekka! Hella! Hella! Its Like Fuck. Now i have To Change Jobs, Doctors And my Fucking Therapy Sessions. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! They Worship Wayne And kanye Here Too...Murals of Them painted Everywhere...The Senior Shirts have That Faggot bear On it And Shit....Fuck it....Sorry For The Rant. Just need To Vent Out To Some Fucking body because I Dont Talk To Anyfucking One out here. Shit. Photobucket.Photobucket


Jwmijo (experiment) said...

damn...thats f**ked..

shaw1988 said...

i dont know what part of sac you staying in, but thats not my sac because we have one of the most diverse music scenes in cali...everything from rock, hip hop(especially hip hop, jazz and etc.

if you need some help finding some shit hit me up shaw1988@sbcglobal.net or at www.myspace.com/pettie88